Tax Refund Schedule 2019: When to Expect Your Money

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14 Feb Tax Refund Schedule 2019: When to Expect Your Money

Filing taxes is what everyone thinks about this time of year, but it’s only half the battle. Once you get all that paperwork done, you’re left wondering when you’ll get your refund. There is no “set in stone” expectations as far as the tax refund schedule 2019, but the IRS does detail some general guidelines so you’re not left in the dark.

What Affects the Tax Refund Schedule 2019?

For your 2019 refund, there are a few things that can affect how soon you receive it.

  • How you filed: Whether you e-file or paper file affects how quickly the IRS can look over your return. E-file is the quickest method, and paper filing will take longer.
  • When you filed: January 27 was the day the IRS began accepting returns. The earlier you file, the earlier you receive your refund. Plan accordingly if you want to do anything with your refund.
  • How you requested your refund: Refunds can be received as a check via mail or as a direct deposit to your bank account. The latter is the quickest method and the alternative will take longer.
  • The complexity of your return: Standard W-2s are easy to process and approve. However, if the IRS receives a return from someone who is a business owner, has rental properties, and invested in the stock market, it’ll take longer to process it.

When Can I Expect My Return?

As previously stated, this depends on a few factors, and how soon you receive your refund will adjust accordingly. In general, these are the time frames you can expect:

  • Paper file return and check – ~2 months
  • E-file return and check – ~1 month
  • Paper file return and direct deposit – ~3 weeks
  • E-file return and direct deposit – 1-3 weeks *

*Numbers reflect how long you can expect to wait AFTER the IRS accepts your return.

You can check your federal refund status by clicking this link. Your Ohio refund status can be checked by clicking this link.

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