Tax Deadline Dates

tax extension deadline calendar

18 Jan Tax Deadline Dates

Its probably a safe bet that the traditional tax deadline will be extended, if the past two years are any indication. You’ve certainly read articles (we’ve shared a few on our social media) about the IRS backlog woes, and there is very little end in sight.

Here’s to hoping the following list of deadlines will actually come to fruition:

January 24IRS Begins Accepting and Processing 2021 Tax Returns (Form 1040)
February 15File Form W-4 to Reclaim Exemption from Withholding for 2022
March 15S Corp and Partnership 2021 Tax Return and Pay Tax Due
April 18File 2021 Tax Return (Form 1040) and Pay Tax Due & Estimated Tax Payment for 1st Quarter of 2022 (Form 1040-ES)
June 15U.S. Taxpayers Living and Working Abroad File 2021 Tax Return (Form 1040) & Estimated Tax Payment for 2nd Quarter of 2022 (Form 1040-ES)
September 15Estimated Tax Payment for 3rd Quarter of 2022 (Form 1040-ES) & S Corp and Partnership 2021 Extended 2021 Tax Return Due
October 17File Extended 2021 Tax Return (Form 1040) and Pay Tax Due

We have people to help you will all these returns. And 2021 returns are going to be overly complex, so we recommend finding a capable accountant to help. Call us today!

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