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30 Aug

IRS Scams: How to Sniff Them Out

Have you ever gotten a "phone call" from the IRS threatening to sue you? If so, then you have been called by a scammer. The IRS can be a frightening place, but there are people who take advantage of that to scare you out of your money. Many times, scammers will call, say something about back taxes,...

irs levy letter
23 Aug

What is an IRS Levy and How Do I Fight it?

What is an IRS levy? Two dangerous words are thrown around when talking about the IRS: audit and levy. We've already talked about audits before, which you can read about through this link, but a levy is a bit different. An IRS levy is much more extreme. When you receive a levy, then that means your tax issues...

irs audit on a form 1040
09 Aug

5 IRS Audit Triggers That Could Make You Lose Thousands

If you're like most people, you dread getting an audit letter from the IRS. It means that your hard-earned money is on the line, and there's nothing to stop the government from taking it. However, you can avoid getting that nasty letter by being aware of these 5 IRS audit triggers. 1- Unfiled Tax Returns One of...

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