Stay Motivated When Working Remotely

11 Feb Stay Motivated When Working Remotely

In the time of COVID, many ‘white collar’ workers have transitioned to work from home.  Staring at the same four walls day in and day out replaces the COVID health concerns with mental and other physical health concerns. Besides adding a few inches to your waistline this past year, have you also felt foggy, anxious and overwhelmed?  Here is what we found for our staff at Tax Defense Ohio to remove blocks stay motivated:


Get those big, ugly tasks done first. Do what you find annoying or agonizing (but when you love your job like we do, this is a very small list) and get it out of the way. Follow the old adage and ‘rip off the bandage’, or eat the frog, and you’ll start your day with accomplishment and victory.


Work in bursts of 25 minutes and then take a break. While working, focus on the one task at hand, so if that is NOT answering emails, close your inbox and resist the urge to open it. Break time should re-energize you, so take a quick walk, do a few yoga moves, enjoy a snack and tea. Its easy to see the pile of laundry and need to do it, but that’s a small frog, so its should be low on your prioritization list. Take a ‘me’ break and then get back to work!

Separate Work from Home

De-clutter your workspace from the home ‘things’. Kids matchbox cars, towels needing folded, and the cable bill laying all over your work space can take your focus off the frog list and amp up the anxiety of getting it all done. Work is work and home is home, and do your best to keep them separate. Easier said than done, huh!?

Take one more stressor off your plate and let us do your taxes!! Like that transition!? Call or message us today to schedule an appointment with our accountants. Get out of the house and meet with us in person, we are in the office for this tax season!

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