Making Tax Filing Easier


26 Jan Making Tax Filing Easier

2021 tax filing season started January 24th, so with all the unfinished work from last year, and now this year starting, the IRS workload no doubt feels like drinking from a fire hose! Here are tips for making your tax filing experience easier and quicker for you.

Have all your documents ready

Bring all W2s, 1099s, 1098s, etc. with you when you meet with your accountant. Don’t forget those unique forms for this year, such as Letter 6419 for Advanced child Tax Credits. Having the exact figures will ensure your return processes quickly. If you enter the wrong amount of your third stimulus payment or make other math errors, means the IRS will need to further review the tax return, creating an extensive delay.


This might sound strange to some, but paper filing tax returns is still very common, especially so for local government taxing authorities. E-filing, even if you are amending the return, will make sure you get your refund quickly. Make sure you select direct deposit for that refund also!

Online Resources

We only recommend calling the IRS if you have a few hours to kill and like the hold music. Use to get answers to tax questions, check a refund status or pay taxes. Find online tools and see if IRS Free File is available to you (any person or family who earned $73,000 or less in 2021).

We’re always happy to help file taxes, this year especially is going to be FUN! Give us a call!!

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