July 15th Extended Tax Filing Deadline Letter from our President

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12 Jun July 15th Extended Tax Filing Deadline Letter from our President

A letter from our President about the Extended Tax Filing Deadline July 15th


Dearest Tax Defense Ohio Friends, Hello & hope all is well!


We know the COVID-19 lockdown has thrown the world for a loop, and we wanted to follow up on your tax returns for the 2019 tax year.


If we prepared your 2019 tax return(s) already, and sent them to you via mail or email, WE NEED YOU TO RETURN your signed 8879 FORM and client letter, before we can send your E-file in to the IRS. If this applies to you, please send us your paperwork and payment soon. See the client letter in your folder for complete details or give us a call – we know it can be complicated!


Individual 1040 and business tax returns are now due July 15th, but please send your paperwork ASAP since we are expecting (and already seeing) a huge rush of clients filing tax returns just before the new deadline.


No tax payments are due until July 15, regardless of when you file.


If you haven’t yet sent us your tax paperwork and information, please make sure to get us everything by July 1st so we can start working for you!


If we don’t hear back from you by July 1st, we’ll automatically file an extension for you. Extended business returns for Corporations and Partnerships are due September 15th, and personal 1040 returns are due October 15th. However, you may owe penalties or interest on amounts due the IRS if you do not pay by July 15th.


We know the Coronavirus has affected so many of you, and if you end up owing the IRS more than you can afford to pay right now, we can easily set you up on a monthly installment agreement when we file your return.


Also, if you or someone you know is severely financially impacted, and cannot afford to make tax payments, let us know and we can negotiate to get you in Currently Not Collectible status (CNC is a 6-month hardship deferment). Or, we can work an Offer In Compromise if you cannot pay at all, and need serious long-term tax relief based on a serious hardship.


Please call with any questions – we’re here to help!


Brad Hennebert, CPA

President, Tax Defense Ohio

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