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12 Jun

July 15th Extended Tax Filing Deadline Letter from our President

A letter from our President about the Extended Tax Filing Deadline July 15th   Dearest Tax Defense Ohio Friends,¬†Hello & hope all is well!   We know the COVID-19 lockdown has thrown the world for a loop, and we wanted to follow up on your tax returns for the 2019 tax year.   If we prepared your 2019 tax return(s) already,...

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28 Feb

What is Adjusted Gross Income?

What is Adjusted Gross Income (AGI)? The IRS labels it as "the most important number" on your tax return. So what is it? Adjusted Gross Income or AGI is your total taxable income and the metric by which the IRS determines how much income tax you owe. As its name suggests, it is a variation of gross...

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14 Feb

Tax Refund Schedule 2019: When to Expect Your Money

Filing taxes is what everyone thinks about this time of year, but it's only half the battle. Once you get all that paperwork done, you're left wondering when you'll get your refund. There is no "set in stone" expectations as far as the tax refund schedule 2019, but the IRS does detail some general guidelines...

someone holding an audit report
03 Jan

What to Do When You Get Audited

If you're reading this, it's probably because you got that letter from the IRS that everyone fears. You've never known what to do when you get audited. Luckily, it's not the end of the world. We deal with hundreds of clients who have been in your shoes. After settling their tax problems, we know that our methods...

2020 date
20 Dec

Big 2020 Tax Changes You Need to Know

We can't stress enough that 2019 is ending! Now is the time to think about this year's return and the 2020 tax changes. While we won't see anything major like the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, there are still several changes that you need to know to plan your finances. A few of these changes continue...

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