28 Jul Can’t close a sale, or bad credit, because of tax problems?

Do your buyers or sellers have bad credit because of tax problems?

Do you have deals that cannot close because the buyer or seller has unfiled Income Tax Returns or are stuck with IRS or State Tax Liens?

You’ve probably found many of these at the last minute, if you are a Realtor, Title Agent, Mortgage Broker, or are involved in Real Estate in any way! What do you do with these? How many of these deals would you close if all of their income tax returns were filed, or they didn’t have federal tax liens recorded against them? How much money are you losing because of someone else’s tax problems?

Don’t walk away from money on the table.

Issues like unfiled returns are simple and easy for us to fix. We can put your potential buyers or sellers back on track.

Today, there are several strategies we use to resolve eligible taxpayers of their federal tax liens, clean up past levies, or file years of unfiled returns. We frequently resolve their IRS or State tax matter so you can close in under 30 days!

We help Realtors, Mortgage Brokers, and Title Agents close a deal by cleaning up unfiled taxes, setting up payment plans, or arranging for a subordination of a lien with the IRS.

Our firm often helps Business Owners, Landlords, Physicians, Dentists, and other medical practitioners obtain financing such as business loans, lines of credit, and mortgage refinancing by resolving their underlying tax problems so they can get loans approved and liens cleared up.

If your potential buyers have bad credit because of tax problems, then have them call us at 614-524-4888!

We work closely with you to handpick a solution for your unique tax situation.
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