27 Aug IRS Support During Natural Disasters

Can 2020 get any worse?!  After COVID-19 and murder hornets comes wildfires and hurricanes. This country is stronger together, and we get back up no matter how hard the punch.  But, the last thing we want to worry about is filing taxes, or currently, filing them late. Extension Deadline...

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13 Aug Tax Scams Targeting Innocent Taxpayers

The 2020 tax deadline extension afforded scammers more opportunity to target innocent taxpayers. The IRS compiles a list every year, but this year it includes evolving schemes related to coronavirus tax relief. The criminals view everyone as easy prey, especially vulnerable populations such as the elderly. You should refrain from engaging scammers online or on...

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Art dollup

06 Aug Tax Tips for Teachers

During the fall of 2020, many school districts are using a hybrid and/or remote learning model due to COVID. However, educators can still deduct certain un-reimbursable expenses, such as classroom supplies, training, and travel. Deducting these expenses helps reduce the amount of tax owed when filing a tax return. To qualify for the deduction, you must...

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refund written on a chalk board

15 Jul Where is my IRS Tax Refund?

Where is my IRS Tax Refund? Are you pleasantly surprised by an IRS Tax Refund this year? With COVID-19 shutdowns impacting everyone and stimulus checks just not cutting it, a tax refund is a welcome relief. Shortly after you file your return, go to Where's My Refund (or the fancy IRS app) to find the status of...

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time and money

09 Jul Economic Impact Stimulus Payments

According to a recent audit, the IRS sent $1.4 billion in COVID stimulus checks to deceased individuals. As such, many people may have received a payment for a deceased family member or another taxpayer who is not eligible to receive a payment and may have questions about what to do. Here are some answers: Q: How...

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