nicolas cage celebrity tax evader

27 Sep Celebrity Tax Avoiders: 5 Famous People Who Owed the IRS

While it may seem that tax problems are secluded to common folk, the reality is even famous people get IRS trouble too. When it comes to paying taxes, the IRS doesn't care what position or how many fans you have. There have been plenty of celebrity tax avoiders in the United States. Keep reading to learn...

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expense records

20 Sep Bad Expense Records? Be Ready for a Hefty Tax Bill!

If you're a business owner or independent contractor, you've probably heard of the importance of keeping expense records. However, we feel it's important to stress just how important keeping those records is. If you keep bad expense records, you'll end up paying a lot more money each year! The consequences of keeping bad expense records can...

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self employed man working on computer

13 Sep 5 Self-Employed Tax Deductions You Need to Take This Year

If there's one downside to being self-employed: it's the self-employment tax. While it's nice to be your own boss and make your own schedule and decisions, filling out a tax return is more of a chore than it is for most people. Self-employed individuals often don't get money back. Instead, they're paying a hefty sum to...

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rental property small house

06 Sep 5 Rental Property Tax Deductions Landlords Need to Take

If you're a landlord, you probably pay a lot of taxes every year. Problem is, most landlords (just like realtors) pay much more than they should. This is because they aren't taking enough rental property tax deductions. It turns out that having rental property provides a lot of MAJOR tax deductions that could cut thousands off...

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scam signs

30 Aug IRS Scams: How to Sniff Them Out

Have you ever gotten a "phone call" from the IRS threatening to sue you? If so, then you have been called by a scammer. The IRS can be a frightening place, but there are people who take advantage of that to scare you out of your money. Many times, scammers will call, say something about back taxes,...

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