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14 Feb Tax Refund Schedule 2019: When to Expect Your Money

Filing taxes is what everyone thinks about this time of year, but it's only half the battle. Once you get all that paperwork done, you're left wondering when you'll get your refund. There is no "set in stone" expectations as far as the tax refund schedule 2019, but the IRS does detail some general guidelines...

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07 Feb Why You SHOULD NOT Take a Deduction for Charitable Contributions

Most people are used to making donations to take a deduction for charitable contributions. Some people tithe to their local church, others will give to a food pantry or other non-profit. However, that has changed for most taxpayers with the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. In a nutshell, the standard deduction was raised significantly, but it...

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31 Jan Why You SHOULD NOT Do Your Own Taxes

The time is NOW to get your taxes done! Most people don't think twice about doing their own taxes. After all, why spend the extra $50 if you can just do your own taxes with some nifty software? However, we find that most of our clients come to us because something went wrong, and they're now...

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24 Jan Tax Defense Ohio is Merging With John J Parisi CPA Inc!

We have big news! We're merging with John J Parisi CPA, Inc! For those unaware, John J Parisi CPA Inc is another tax accounting firm in Worthington. They have their own team, their own office, and a large number of clients. They are some of the best when it comes to filing returns timely and efficiently. What...

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17 Jan 5 Reasons to File Taxes Early

It's that time of year where your W-2s show up in the mail. Many Americans see them and think to themselves, "The deadline isn't until April. I have time!" However, millions of Americans wait until the last week to get their returns filed, which means a lot of stress on tax preparers, filers, and the...

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